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  • Powering Your CPAP While Camping: The EASYLONGER ES960 CPAP Battery Pack



    As a CPAP user, you understand the importance of consistent sleep therapy, even while enjoying outdoor adventures like camping. Fortunately, advancements in portable power solutions have made it easier than ever to power your CPAP machine while camping. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the EASYLONGER ES960 CPAP Battery Pack and guide you through the process of powering your CPAP machine while camping, ensuring a restful night's sleep in the great outdoors.

    ResMed Airsense 10 CPAP machine work with EASYLONGER ES960 cpap battery pack(1)


    The EASYLONGER ES960 CPAP Battery Pack is a reliable and efficient power solution designed specifically for CPAP machines. Its user-friendly design and impressive features make it an ideal choice for camping enthusiasts who require a portable and long-lasting power source for their CPAP therapy.

    Benefits of the EASYLONGER ES960 CPAP Battery Pack:

    1. Enhanced Portability: Weighing just around 6.6 pounds, the ES960 is lightweight and highly portable, making it easy to carry in your camping gear. Its compact design ensures it won't take up much space, allowing you to pack efficiently for your outdoor excursions.EASYLONGER ES960 CPAP BATTERY PACK EASY TO GOEASYLONGER ES960 CPAP BATTERY PACK EASY TO GOCPAP 96000mAh/297.6Wh Portable Power Station (ES960) EASY TO CARRYEASYLONGER ES960 CPAP BATTERY PACK

    2. Long Battery Life: The ES960 boasts a substantial battery capacity of 96,000mAh, providing ample power to run most CPAP machines throughout the night. This extended battery life ensures you won't have to worry about interruptions or running out of power during your camping trip,extend your 4-6 nights' sleep.

    3. Versatile Charging Options: The ES960 offers multiple charging options, giving you flexibility based on your camping setup. You can recharge the battery pack using AC power outlets, 12V DC vehicle adapters, or solar panels (order separately). This versatility ensures you can keep the battery pack powered up regardless of your location.

    4. Compatibility with CPAP Machines: The ES960 is compatible with a wide range of CPAP machines, including popular brands like ResMed, Philips Respironics, and other brands. It comes with 4 DC output connectors and adapters for ResMed S9 / AirSense 10 / Aircurve 10 / AirMini / Philips Dreamstation.

    5. User-Friendly Operation: The ES960 features an LED display that indicates battery levels and charging status. This allows you to monitor the power levels of the battery pack easily, ensuring you are aware of how much power is remaining and when it needs to be recharged.

    6. Safety and Protection: The ES960 incorporates advanced safety features to protect both the battery pack and your CPAP machine. These include overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuit, and overcurrent protection. With these safety measures in place, you can use the battery pack with peace of mind.

    Powering Your CPAP While Camping with the ES960:


    1. Verify Compatibility: Before heading out on your camping trip, ensure that the ES960 is compatible with your CPAP machine model. Check the compatibility list provided by EASYLONGER or consult with their customer support to confirm compatibility.

    2. Charge the Battery Pack: Fully charge the ES960 battery pack using an AC power outlet, 12V DC vehicle adapter, or solar panels (MPPT built-in). This ensures you start your camping trip with a fully charged battery pack.

    3. Connect the CPAP Machine: Connect your CPAP machine to the ES960 using the appropriate DC output connector and adapter or connect from cigarette Lighter port. Double-check that the connection is secure to prevent any power interruptions.

    4. Monitor Battery Life: Throughout your camping trip, monitor the battery status on the LED indicator of the ES960. This will help you keep track of the remaining power and plan for recharging if needed.

    5. Recharge as Needed: If the battery level is running low, recharge the ES960 using the available charging options. Make sure to have the necessary charging accessories based on your chosen charging method.


    • Camping shouldn't mean compromising your CPAP therapy. The EASYLONGER ES960 CPAP Battery Pack offers a reliable and portable solution to power your CPAP machine while enjoying the great outdoors. With its lightweight design, long battery life, compatibility with various CPAP machines, and versatile charging options, the ES960 is an excellent choice for camping enthusiasts. Take control of your sleep health and embark on your camping adventures with confidence, knowing that the ES960 will provide you with uninterrupted CPAP therapy wherever your journey takes you.

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