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    Best compact CPAP emergency battery in the airplane? EASYLONGER EL240 testing report


    EASYLONGER EL240 - PD 60W CPAP Power Bank

    Amazon DE link - https://amzn.to/3yGPq87
    Amazon UK link - https://amzn.to/3TT67G6

    It is the CPAP battery you can found on the market, more compact, lighter, and easy to carry along with.


    Here is some testing data in the below.


    Capacity test

    The Easylonger EL240 has a capacity of 3.7V/24000mAh/88.8Wh.


    Here is our reliable tester converted the information in theory.


    5V: (88.8Wh/5V) * 1000 = 17760mAh

    9V: (88.8Wh/9V) * 1000 = 9866mAh

    12V: (88.8Wh/12V) * 1000 = 7400mAh

    16.5: (88.8Wh/16.5V) * 1000 = 5381mAh

    20V: (88.8Wh/20V) * 1000 = 4440mAh

    24V: (88.8Wh/24V) * 1000 = 3700mAh

    The practical discharge test with 5V/1A resulted in approx. 13,000 mAh. The theoretical value should be 17760 mAh. This is a deviation of 27%.




    Test 1: 12734mAh

    Test 2: 13097mAh



    Charge laptop


    I charged a Lenovo laptop with 20V and an integrated 3900 mAh battery. Then the rest of the power bank was discharged with 5V/1A. The residual discharge with 5V/1A was 9289 mAh. So I could charge the laptop 3 times with the power bank and then there would still be some remaining capacity.



    A total of 16 adapters are included so that you can charge various devices.


    (7.4/5.0mm): DELL and HP

    (5.5/2.5mm): DELL and HP with TOSHIBA and FUJUTSU and ASUS

    (6.0/4.4mm): SONY FUJUTSU

    (5.5/1.7mm): Acer

    (4.8*1.7mm): HP and LG

    (5.5*3.0mm): SAMSUNG

    (7.9*5.4mm): LENOVO


    Data and voltage values


    The weight is 511 grams. If we press the button, the LED ring lights up. It shows the battery level. Each quadrant represents 25% capacity. Wireless charging with Qi-Charging compatible models is possible, maximum 10 W. Press the button and hang up the cell phone. But unfortunately it doesn't work with my Redmi 9S.


    USB C1 INPUT/OUTPUT: 5/9/12/15/20 Volt 3A - PD 60W max. - Mainly for laptops

    USB-A Output: 5V/4.5A, 4.5V/5A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A – QC 3.0. FCP, SCP, AFC

    USB C2 Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.25A, (PPS: 3.3V - 11V/3A) DP 27W Max. - Mainly for smartphones

    DC In: 12-24V 2A Max

    DC OUT: 12V/4A, 16.5V/4A, 20V/4A, 24V/3.5A

    Important Using DC and USB-C1 at the same time is not possible!

    Info: Does not support low power devices including Airpods and Smartwatches.

    What is special here now is the 4 amps at 12V. I can use it e.g. B. operate my LED video lamp. The huge 50,000 mAh laptop power bank I looked at a few months ago couldn't do that, as it only delivered 2 amps at 12V. Not enough for the lamp, which needs at least 3 amps. So always look at the power supply of your device. If it says "Output 12V, 3 amps", then the power bank should deliver 12V and at least 3 amps.





    It’s compatible Resmed Airsense 10(S10), Resmed Airsense 9(S9), Resmed Airmini, Philips DreamStation System one 60.

    It’s more accurate to say that it’s for the CPAP emergency power in the airplane.

    Because its capacity is under 88Wh, which is under 100Wh.

    (power banks are allowed on planes, but they need to be under a specific capacity (100Wh) and they can only be taken in the carry-on luggage.)

    Powerbank comparison

    Model name of Power Bank  specification Converted to 5V 5V measured deviation
    EASYLONGER EL240 24.000(3,7V) 17760 mAh ~ 13.000 27%
    Maxoak K2 50.000(3,7V) 37.000 mAh ~ 31.000 mAh 17%
    INIU 20.000 20.000(3,7V) 14.800 mAh ~ 13.800 mAh 7%
    Powerbank C9 10.000(3,7V) 7200 mAh 6900 mAh 4%
    Addtop 25.000 Solar 25.000(3,7V) 18.500 mAh 11500 mAh 38%
    Addtop 26800 26.800 mAh(3,7V) 19.800 mAh 12.400 mAh 38%


    Article refer to our reliable tester here - Powerbank mit variabler Spannung, CPAP - Easylonger EL240 Test | MEGA-Testberichte

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