Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
DC port supports solar panel charging (Max 80 W). Any 12 V solar panel may be used. For example this one:
Yes, select the correct voltage needed for Resmed Airsense 10 and you can charge it with the DC port, while it is compatible with most other cpap
Sorry, this powerpack can't charge and discharge with a Y cable. The PD 60W USB-C port can not be used while charging the power bank by DC input.
Yes, this battery pack is compatible with Air Sense 11, but the package does not include a CPAP cable, so a CPAP cable with a 24V converter is required. Connects to the CPAP through the cigarette lighter socket.
The capacity of this powerbank is 72000mAh/266Wh, it's over 100Wh, so you can't take it on the plane. It can be an emergency power supply for the home and outdoor.
Yes, this USB-C 60W PD Power Bank can be recharged via USB C car charger adapter(not included) from the car cigarette lighter.
Yes, it can charge not only MacBooks, but also other laptops that support USB C charging up to 60W
YES, our charging brick is pass-through charging available, it can be recharged through the type-c1 port while the cigarette lighter socket is charging other devices.
Thank you for your inquiry, when you use it for AirMini, after adjusting the DC voltage to 24V, if the battery pack is fully recharged, please power other devices first and consume a little juice, or please don't fully recharge it, it will work well with AirMini, which is determined by the operating voltage range of AirMini. If you use the cigarette lighter socket, then plug it in directly to power the CPAP
Thanks for your question. The product specifications of this product are as follows: Product Specifications: Model: GP14 Battery Type: Premium Lithium Battery Battery Capacity: 266Wh/72000mAh Charging adapter DC Input: 18-24V/4.0A (Max 4.2A) Type-C Input: 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-3A/15V-3A/20V-3A (Max: 60W) Wireless Charging: 10W Cigarette Lighter Socket Output: 9V-12.6V/15A (Max: 180W) DC Output: 12V-5A/16.5V-4A/20V-3.5A/24V-2A (Max: 70W) Type-C1 Output: 5V-3A/9V-3A/12V-3A/15V-3A/20V-3A (Max: 60W) Type-C2 Output: 5V-3A/9V-2A/12V-2.25A (MAX: 27W) PPS:3.3V-11V/3A USB-A Output: 5V/4.5A 4.5V/5A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A (MAX: 22.5W) Solar Charge Input: 20-100W Product Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5kg) Product Size: 9.1 * 5.9 * 1.7 inches Bulb type 1 x super bright LED light Working temperature 32℉-131℉ Storage temperature -4℉-113℉ Life cycle > 500 times
For longer battery runtimes, determine which additional accessories or comfort features are most important to your CPAP therapy experience. For instance, if you need to use a humidifier or heated tube, then that will deplete your CPAP battery quicker. Turning off your humidifier will increase your battery’s runtime. You can also stack more than one battery on your setup to get double the amount of runtime like with the ResMed Power Station II. Use a Travel CPAP instead for more efficient energy consumption. Use a Solar Charger if you're going off-grid.
If you would like to travel or live in an area that tends to experience frequent power issues or outages, then these power solutions would be perfect for you based on your needs. During Sleep Apnea therapy, you cannot afford to miss a single night as this could really hinder your recovery progress so this ensures that you don’t need to due to power availability.
Yes. You can turn on/off almost any blocks on the page (featured products, slideshow, banners, related products, recent products,...).
Yes, we have a setting for you to switch between these two options: Display on Hover and Display on Click.
The theme package includes Theme source, Photoshop design files and manual guide.
Thank you for your inquiry, our CPAP battery backup can power a dream station 2
No.  The EASYLONGER ES720 uses the power supply of your CPAP device.
Yes.  The EASYLONGER ES720 can be used as a backup should you lose power.  The EASYLONGER ES720 turns on when power is lost.  You'll need to connect your machine to the ES720, which is connected to a standard wall outlet.  If the power goes out, your sleep therapy continues to run seamlessly.
You can use the included 72W AC adapter to fully recharge the ES720 in 4-5 hours.
Yes.  The EASYLONGER ES720 accepts voltage from 100v to 240v; however, you may need an international plug adapter, depending on your country.
The ES720 is capable of lasting 28-36 or more hours.  Battery run times are affected by a variety of factors, though.  The pressure settings of a machine, the use of a heated house and/or a humidifier, the specific type of device, and more all play a role in how long a charge lasts.  For example, if you use a BiPAP with high-pressure settings, a heated hose, and a humidifier, you may achieve no more than just a few hours of runtime.
YES. You can safely recharge your CPAP Power Pack via the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle by using either the 150 Watt Sine Wave Inverter or car charger along with the Power Pack. You can do the same with EASYLONGER CPAP battery by using the car charger.
YES. ES720 CPAP Power Packs can also be used to power other devices that operate from 12V DC current such as portable DVD players, iPods, MP3 players, cell phones and more.
Generally 400/500 charge/discharge cycles.
YES. EASYLONGER ES720 CPAP Power Packs are built within a protective aluminum alloy scratch resistant shell. Built in circuitry protection also protects against thermal run-away and overheating.
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